Representative Work

lawyers2Please review some of our cases:

i) Olympic Construction v. Eastern Regional Integrated Health Authority, 2013 CanLII 1535 (NL SCTD) – Construction Law Case

ii) Clearwater Fine Foods Inc. v. FPI Ltd., 2001 CanLII 37589 (NL SCTD) – Corporations

iii) Mushuau Innu Construction Inc. v Mushuau Innu Band Council et al, 2008 NLTD 43 (CanLII)

iv) Kielley v. General Hospital Corp., 1997 CanLII 14701 (NL CA) – Medical Malpractice

v) Kielley v. General Hospital Corp., 1999 CanLII 18943 (NL CA)

vi) Bussey v. Maher, 2006 NLCA 28 (CanLII) – Adverse Possession Case

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